Candidates can register themselves under any organization. Organization will send them a link to registration page and by filling the information they can register themselves.

Once form filled an email is sent out to candidate for verification. Candidate has to click on link to activate his account. Unless account is not activated, he/she is not able to log in.

Dash board is the first page after login. On dashboard candidate can see all his recent test activities. He/she can see all scheduled/unfinished tests and can attempt test by clicking on the link. He/she can see the details as shown in figure.

This section is related to your personal data. From this section you can edit your personal details, change your account password, edit his personal details like First Name, Last Name, Gender, Birth date, Contact Number, Address, City, State and Country.

Personal Details

Your personal details are displayed here. Clicking on Edit button at the bottom will take you to another form where you can edit your details. Once you finish, save your details and it will get updated. You can reach here using - My Account Personal Details.

Viewing personal Details:
Editing personal Details:

Account Security (Password)

You can change your security question and password using this option.You can reach here using -
My Account Account Security(Password).

Viewing Account Security:
Editing Account Security:

In this section, you can see results of all the tests you. It supports three types of analysis.

Brief Result

This page provides listing of the tests you have conducted with necessary information. This page is displayed using Result Analytics Brief Result and it displays following detail,

  1. Test Name : Name of the test candidate attempted.
  2. Scheduled On : Date on which, test has been scheduled.
  3. Completed On : Date on which, candidate has finished the test.
  4. Scheduled By : Admin who scheduled the test.
  5. Marks Obtained : Marks obtained by candidate out of full marks are displayed in this section.
  6. Result/Rank : Result, whether candidate is pass or fail, or rank if top candidates has been chosen as selection criteria.
  7. Time Taken : Time taken by candidate to finish test.
  8. Activity Log : If the test gets interrupted, that particular reason is shown in this block like- power failure, browser crash, network or connectivity issue etc.

Test DNA Analysis

This is among the key features of EZeeAssess. All minute level details of candidate's performance in test can be seen here. This helps a lot to evaluate the candidate and improve his performance.
In order to see the DNA Analysis, you have to select the Test, then Date. As you choose the test, it will show you the date selection combo box, and as you select the date, choose the date and complete Test DNA analysis will be in front of you.
The DNA analysis shows candidates overall performance, performance in each section, in every subject of section and in every topic of subject. The Analysis is shown in Pie Chart and Bar Charts to easily understand the result analysis.

Choose Date

DNA Analysis

Result Inspection

This feature allows you to inspect the candidate's question paper, it shows all the questions appeared in the test. Candidate's attempted which questions and what answer they have chosen, It also shows correct answer. If candidate has given wrong answer, question is shown in red, if he has given right answer, question is shown in green. If he has left the question, question is shown in blue.

Once candidate clicks on test link, a test window is opened, with test instructions. User has to read instructions carefully. On the instruction page, user can see a button on the bottom on the page.

The test window is divided in two parts. On the left hand, window has Sections, which contains questions. On the right side individual question is displayed. On the top right, reverse timer is present which shows how much time left.There are three buttons

  • Reset: This button is used to clear any answer selected by mistake.
  • Flab/Mark: This button is used to flag the question. Once flagged, a flag mark is appeared in the question on left pan. Candidate can attempt that question later. Note that this option is available only when test admin want to provide it in specific test.
  • Next/Submit: If candidate does not select any answer, he/she can skip the question by pressing Next button. Once candidate selected any answer the button gets converted to Submit and candidate has to press Submit button to submit the answer.

End Exam

Candidate can end exam at any point by pressing End Exam button. After finishing test a brief graphical overview of the test is shown

In case of Browser or System Crash, Power failure, Internet connection down, candidate can re login and resume the test from the point where he left. However the number of attempts is set by the test admin only. For example, if test admin has set 5 numbers of attempts then user has to attempt test within 5 attempts.

After a crash, EZeeAssess system asks for reason of crash. It also shows how much attempts left for a test on the same screen. After pressing continue, Instructions page is shown and candidate can resume the test by pressing “Resume Test� button.