Test ⁄ Assessment Design & Management

EZeeAssess's Design and Manage Test is our “Unique Selling Preposition” we would like to call it a 2 minute utility design for any kind of test on the fly followed with simple steps (through wizard). It has all that you need to design an assessment ⁄ test, in fast, robust and reliable manner. Duh! We know we are apprising ourselves, but we mean it, so try it, to know it!

We made a remarkable difference in test deployment from this glaring unitlity which is like sub-application. It provides complete automation to test ⁄ assessment process. Additionally from “Manage Tests” you can manage already created tests and Preview the Test for free before scheduling it for any candidate to identify that the right set of questions are being asked.

Just think about the features you would like to have in “Test Design Wizard” and it already exists. Let us quickly run through the options:

  • Choice of Test Name, if you don't have one don't worry we will give it a unique name.
  • Test Duration in Minutes.
  • Total Number of Questions in test.
  • Minimum Cut-Off (%) in percent.
  • Maximum Cut-Off (%) in percent.
  • Number of Sections in test.
  • Section wise vs Consistant marking scheme.
  • Negative Marking.
  • Choicee of Knowledge-Base (question), form EZeeAssess or Personal.
  • Visibility control of Result Analytics (charting) for candidates.
  • Option to select questions among Multiple Correct and Single Correct answers.
  • Choice of test language.
  • Custom test instructions in supported language of choice over WYSIWYG editor.
  • Support for cheating prevention algorithm.
  • Select questions in question paper from already tagged set.
  • Selection of multiple subject per section.
  • Selection of multiple topics from each subject.
  • Selecting topics of specific difficulty.
  • Preview before create ⁄ save.