Result Analytics (Charting) & Question Paper Inspection

EZeeAssess's Result Analytics (Charting) & Question Paper Inspection helps you analysing candidate's performance by digging deep into every section. With “Test DNA Analysis” you can get the visual plots via charts - that illustrates Candidate’s over all performance in assessment/test. Not to mention that we understand the requirement of PDF export and Test Admin will find that on top right which is “PDF Download” icon.

Okay, but what if you just want to have a glimpse of everything for a particular schedule? Well you just have to check “Brief Result”, navigate and select from drop down options, apply filters and get the statistics on your fingretips. Isn't that sound wonderfull !

We are sure you will be looking a place now to check the question paper asked during test to analyze and see which question was rightly or wrongly attempted by a candidate. Not to worry, “Result Inspection” empowers you to do exactly that with an option to export attempted question paper in PDF file.

Challange for Test Admin doesn't end here, as there are scenarios when same test has to be conducted on differnt time and dates. Result consolidation and merit list generation is always been a challanging and time consuming task, our designers and product team has came up with a solution for result consolidation, i.e. “Produce Custom Result”. It not only helps Test Admin to consolidate result but also allows to apply custom filters before the generation of final short listing. Now shouldn't you say, it's Awesome!