Candidate Registration & Management

The most important question that savvy HR professionals, Recruiters and Educational Institutes are asking is “What does it cost?” and “What do we get?” The benefits of using a EZeeAssess’s Candidate Managing Solution is the return on investment in the shortest possible time. When you need to make it simple, cost-effective and fast, EZeeAssess, has a range of HR and Recruitment, and evaluation solutions for your business.

EZeeAssess's Candidate Management, you can have fun follwing simple steps in creating batches and scheduling tests - that is most easy and comprehending way. You may add hundreads of candidates, and after they got authenticated you can schedule tests for them in clicks.

This module covers candidate registration process via uploading their details via bulk upload through Excel Sheet or sending them registration link (URL) via Email ⁄ Chat ⁄ IM ⁄ Text. The best part is you can pre-select the batch they should be registered to, and if you haven't made one - you will always have default batch.

You need not have to worry about the typos’ while filling the candidate registration Excel Sheet, via our auto validation helps view the errors before processing the sheet. You will see the “Validation Console” at the bottom of the page.

You can also take a look at registered candidate's details and their registration status (Pending ⁄ Activated). Here you can also export the list to CSV ⁄ PDF or archive ⁄ delete registered candidates.